Luxury Interior Designs

‘The Future is the most Expensive Luxury in the world’. – Thornton Wilder.

Whether it is a cosmetic makeover of your property, Interior Decoration or a refurbishment project, designing every corner of your HOME might feel a little overwhelming. Homeowners and developers cross paths with many choices, but getting the right match of accessories or furniture in any room, can seldom be a bit of a struggle. PLÜSCHE would like to help you simplify your design criteria– From choosing sofas, accessories, cushions, curtains, rugs, flower vases to lighting, consoles, wall frames and scented candles. We work with you from inception to completion helping the Makeover of any living or bedroom to a fantastic Luxury Showroom. Choose from minimalist, contemporary, super Luxury or opulent, our Designers help you envisage your dream turning into reality.

Call Today! We would love to work with you to achieve that Luxury look and feel that your HOME really deserves.