Meet with an expert designer

Designing a Luxurious bedroom may seem easy, but striking a perfect balance between beauty, serenity and practicality goes beyond selecting between different styles of Décor: Ultra-Modern, Contemporary and Vintage for your bedroom.

PLÜSCHE Designers will discuss your design brief in detail right from requirements of storage to lighting solutions. This includes choice of Décor, style of furniture, wallpapers, beddings and linens, glamourous mirrors, bed-side tables with lighting, rugs, accessories and mood bursting frames all around the bedroom. These elements with the right splash of paint of any colour of your choice are sure to make your room look DREAM BEDROOM.

Our Designers at PLÜSCHE, we will help you transform your bedroom from a measured Wardrobe to a completely luxurious Made-to-Measure Fitted Wardrobe. While designing within the given space constraints, we ensure your wardrobe not only looks Luxurious, but maximises all available storage space options too. When designing, we take into account all aesthetic elements such as preferred colour & texture, décor, integrated LED lighting, accessories and finishes.

With a vast variety of colour and texture finishes to choose from, please visit our full wardrobe range at our showroom in Slough. Alternatively, we can visit you for a free no-obligation design consultation.

So feel free to contact us Today, and while you sit back, let us take care of all of your Design requirements for you.